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Back to School Safety
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Is that the sound of the school bell? It’s just about time for kids to pack up their backpacks and head back to class. With the first day of school rapidly approaching, you will want to prepare yourself with these important tips:
  • Use caution when driving. Make sure to keep an eye out for school zones and children crossing the street especially near residential areas, playgrounds, and parks. Watch for kids on their bikes. Some may not signal, so be sure to stay alert.
  • Always stop for school buses when loading and unloading. Watch for flashing yellow lights to indicate that the bus is going to stop, and flashing red lights when the bus is at a complete stop. Make sure to leave the proper distance between you and the bus when it is stopped in the street. Stop on both sides of the road, and never pass a bus on its right side.   
  • Be aware of speed limit changes. In many areas, when driving through a school zone, the speed limit will be reduced. Usually this is indicated by flashing lights, but make sure to be aware of where school zones are and slow down.
  • Being safe with friends. Encourage you children to use the buddy system when walking to and from school or class, especially walking at night.
  • Set up ICE phone numbers. If your child is old enough to have a cell phone, make sure that you have them place an ICE contact into their phone. This stands for In Case of Emergency, and allows medics, police, firefighters, or any other safety unit to contact you. It is also good for you to do the same with your cell phone, in case you have an emergency.  
  • Get enough sleep. I know that it can be tough, especially with everything going on in high school and college, but make sure that both you and your children are getting enough sleep. The recommended amount of sleep for an adult is eight hours. Younger children should get even more


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