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  2012 Ordinances
  2012 Resolutions
  2013 Ordinances
  2013 Resolutions
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  2014 Resolutions
  2015 Ordinances
  2015 Resolutions
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  2016 Resolutions
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  2017 Resolutions
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  Butler Chain of Lakes
  Code Enforcement
  Comprehensive Plan
  downtown facilities plan
  Streets & Roads
  NPDES Educational Materials
  Permit Applications
  Personnel Rules and Regulations
  Public Works
  Community Room Rentals
  Town Hall Rental
  Bid #2013-04 2nd Avenue Drainage Improvements
  South Florida Water Management District
  Town Audits
  Town Charter
  Town Committees
  Development Review Board
  Development Review Board 2011
  Development Review Board 2012
  Development Review Board 2013
  Downtown Business 2012
  Downtown Business 2013
  Downtown Business Committee
  Downtown Business Misc.
  Food Truck Selection 2012
  Food Truck Selection 2013
  Food Truck Selection Committee
  Historical Preservation Board 2012 Agenda
  Historical Preservation Board 2012 Minutes
  Historical Preservation Board 2013 Agenda
  Historical Preservation Board 2013 Minutes
  Historical Preservation Board Misc.
  Long Range Planning 2012 Agenda
  Long Range Planning 2013 Agenda
  Long Range Planning 2013 Minutes
  Long Range Planning 2014 Minutes
  Long Range Planning Misc.
  Parks and Recreation 2012 Agenda
  Parks and Recreation 2012 Minutes
  Parks and Recreation 2013 Agenda
  Parks and Recreation 2013 Fundraisers
  Parks and Recreation 2013 Minutes
  Parks and Recreation 2013 Tennis
  Tree Board Agendas & Minutes
  Town Council Agenda's
  Town Council Minutes
  Traffic Counts
  Tree Board 2013
  Tree Board 2014
  Tree Board Agendas
  Tree Board Articles
  Tree Ordinance
  Windermere Newsletter
  Windermere Police Department
  Police Stats



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